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One of the reasons people have high blood pressure is weight gain. In this condition, the diameter of the blood vessels increases. With its unique properties, dates reduce a person’s desire to eat sweet foods, keep him full for a longer period of time and slow down the digestion process. All these reasons can lead […]


  Are you having second thoughts about eating fruits like dates because they are high in sugar? They have a high content of natural sugar which can cause diabetes and other health related problems later on. Eating them may be one way of lowering your blood sugar levels but eating too much or in large […]


  Iranian dates are among the best dates grown in the entire world. They are widely considered as one of life’s greatest tasting fruits in the whole world. Because of its immense health benefits, it’s been enjoyed as a primary food of the rich people of Middle East and the Indus Valley since thousands of […]


Many of the Date suppliers in Malaysia are based in Sabah, Sarawak and Borneo. They source the finest fruit from the best growers, who often export to other countries as well. Because it is a small island nation, it is easy to get your products to consumers here. Malaysia is an excellent source of export […]




How to Choose a Date Fruit Supplier

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Finding the right date fruit suppliers is important to ensure quality and freshness of the fruit. The internet is one of the easiest ways to locate top date manufacturers around the world. Some of the companies offer free delivery to popular destinations, such as Australia and South America. The dates available are in various grades, […]

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The best way to find a Date Fruit Wholesale supplier is to make use of the internet and the wholesale directories that are available. Many of these directories have a detailed list of all the suppliers that are included in their lists. It is a very good idea to take advantage of the free trial […]