Date Smoothie

October 20, 2022 , Dates fruit, Healthy Foods

Date Smoothie is a non-dairy breakfast drink that is sweetened with dates and bananas. You can adjust the concentration of this smoothie according to your taste by adding water and enjoy its taste with your family members.


Chia seeds, skinless almonds, dates, bananas, coconut oil and water.

How to prepare:

Put chia seeds and almonds in a food processor and mix. Then add Kedai Kurma to them and stir. Next, put the banana in the food processor and mix again. Add coconut oil and a third of water to the mixture of dates and almonds and mix again.


The texture of the smoothie will change depending on the size of your banana, so if you like, you can add water to get it to your desired consistency. Serve the date smoothie immediately.