Nutritional value of date coffee

October 20, 2022 , Dates fruit, Healthy Foods


Date coffee, like different types of dates, has different nutritional value. The nutritional value of palm date coffee is as follows:


The amount of contents of 100 grams of date coffee. The contents of 100 grams of date coffee

32 calories

7 grams of carbohydrates

1 gram of protein

1 gram of fat

15 mg of sodium

39 mg of potassium

1 gram of fiber

5 grams of sugar

43 mg calcium

1 mg of iron

1 mg of vitamin C

1 mg of saturated fat

Date seed coffee grows the eyelashes and increases the light of the eyes and gives it a charming blackness. It is one of the strongest and most important enhancers and increases the amount of milk in lactating women. If palm kernel coffee is used as incense after childbirth, it helps the uterus return to its original position quickly and is effective in reducing joint and bone pain.



Date coffee is also useful in relieving toothache. By placing some of it on the tooth, the pain is relieved due to its bitter taste and astringent properties. Numerous tests have proven the effect of date seed coffee on treating diabetes and preventing cancer. Experience has shown that by consuming only a few days of this coffee, blood sugar can be reduced from high levels to normal levels in diabetics, thereby overcoming many of the unfortunate side effects of high blood sugar.


Treatment of infection

Date seeds have been used for various purposes in the past, such as kidney, bladder infections, etc., and perhaps this has created the idea of ​​producing date seed coffee and taking advantage of its many properties.