How Do I Find Dates From Fruit Exporters?

November 23, 2021 , dates exporters


For many fruit exporters the most important part of their business is making sure that they get the dates they need in time to make their inventory ready for shipment. Many times they will buy a large amount of dates form growers and then sell them to customers as dates to ensure they get them in time for their next shipment. Or sometimes they will ship it directly from the importer’s warehouse to the customer. Whatever they do, it’s important to have these dates in advance of any deliveries so that they can stock up on them in advance and have plenty of them when the exporter gets an order for dates.

The way dates are shipped to importers is by sea. This means that the shipping cost for dates fruit exporters is going to be very high. This is due to the fact that it takes a long time for the boat to get to its destination and there is often a delay. Once it does get to its destination though it may have to use cargo facilities that are not ideal for shipping and that could add to the total cost of the shipment.

So how do dates get to importers with such a high shipping price? Most of the time, fruit exporters will simply purchase large quantities of dates at wholesale prices and ship them on their own. This can work out fairly well for the exporter because they are taking on the risk of having all their raw materials transported by a single ship. However, sometimes shipping several boats over a long distance makes more sense and it may be more efficient. In this case fruit exporter will either need to find a more cost effective way of transporting dates or they will need to purchase dates from dates wholesalers and arrange their own shipment.

So what should a business doing import of dates do? If a business exporting dates to other countries needs to keep the cost down then they will likely want to purchase their dates directly from exporters. However, if they are going to be using only small amounts of dates then it might not be feasible to do this. So the next option available to them would be to search online and locate a dates wholesaler that is capable of selling dates to exporters. Some of these wholesalers will be able to provide low cost dates available exclusively to other industries such as the food industry whereas some will only be able to sell dates to date retailers and importers.

So how much does one have to pay for dates available online? Well the amount of money that you have to pay will greatly depend on the amount of dates available for sale. The more dates that are available the more the exporter is going to have to pay and the lower your shipping costs will be. So if you are a retailer then you will obviously save money by purchasing directly from an exporter rather than through another intermediary. However if you are just an importer or distributor who is selling directly to customers then you may be able to negotiate a better price using a wholesale dates exporter.

There are many different places online where dates are sold by businesses. Therefore if you are doing a search for dates to sell online do not be limited to just one place. Check out a few other places as you may discover a whole new range of dates available to you. Fruit exporters are the perfect way to get hold of the best quality dates available.